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The National Carrier Exchange (NCX) is a software company dedicated to helping Carriers in the Freight Industry by providing free software which allows them to more efficiently manage and operate their fleets of trucks and drivers. NCX is a Web-Based Tracking, Dispatch and Operations platform that allows Dispatchers to schedule, direct and monitor the progress of their trucks from pickup through to delivery.
The NCX platform is for Motor Carriers only. You have to have a DOT Number, and you need to directly own / lease and operate the Trucks. NCX Carrier Accounts are created by Carriers, who then in turn invite their Company Drivers to create individual Driver Accounts within their Organization
Any Motor Carrier can use NCX, whether they have a single truck or a fleet of thousands.
Simply fill out this short form to gain instant access. No waiting for a call from us, or to have to work through some lengthy sign-up process to get started. Start using NCX right now! If you have any questions, check the HELP section in the left Menu, call us at 213/232-8687 or email us at:
No, our software is absolutely FREE! Really, it’s FREE! Free Tracking! Free Dispatch! Free Operations! Free Electronic Invoicing! Free Tracking Numbers and links for your customers!
NCX allows Carriers to manage, track, invoice, and handle the scheduling for all of their loads. Carriers can assign and schedule loads to their drivers electronically, and track them on a map in real time, all the way from pickup through to delivery.
All that you need is a computer (PC, Mac or Linux) with an internet connection and Android (or iPhone) smart phones for your drivers, to run the free NCX Mobile App on.
The NCX Web App runs in most browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge [Internet Explorer for Windows 10]) on Mac, PC and Linux computers. The free NCX Mobile App for Drivers is available on Android and iPhone.
Our mission is to eliminate as many wasteful phone calls as possible to and from Carriers to Drivers and Shippers, in order to free up precious time. NCX’s free software allows Motor Carriers to manage and track their entire fleet electronically. No expensive GPS modules or similar equipment is required. All you need is a Personal Computer or Laptop with an internet connection and a Smart Phone with a data plan. With NCX, Carriers can concentrate more on growing their business and saving money, less on calling around, manually keeping tabs on Drivers and bringing Shippers up to date.
Once you’ve set up your Carrier account, you can invite all of your drivers in the system. The NCX Platform sends them an e-mail, which contains instructions on how to download the NCX App and gain access to the system. Once they’re in, you can see them on your Dispatch Map and assign them work!
Once a Driver completes Delivery of a Load and has uploaded the Proof of Delivery (or you’ve uploaded it yourself from the Loads Page of the Web App), you can Generate an Invoice. Once it’s generated, you can have the system e-mail it for you, or you can download it as a PDF and e-mail it yourself. Once you receive payment for the Invoice, just mark it paid in the system.
If you have changes to make to an Invoice – whether the Load has been Completed or not yet – simply Edit the Load Details, correct whatever the difference was for the load, including the price, and Generate the Invoice again. The new Invoice will contain all of your changes. You can e-mail it out, view it or download it as a PDF for printing or e-mailing.
If the Truck, while driving, enters an area where there is no Internet it still continues functioning, silently monitoring the Truck’s location, storing GPS coordinates, allowing the Driver to access all of the load details, take photos of the signed Bill of Lading, and even enter Status Updates. When the Truck is back in an area where there Internet is available, the App automatically uploads all of the stored data, including timestamps for each entry, which then appear in the Log. No data is ever lost.
You can assign a Load to a Driver when you initially create the Load, or – if you skipped adding the Driver then – you can assign the Load to the driver at a later time by simply Editing the Load Details. The Unassigned load will move from the Unassigned Tray at the bottom of the Load Calendar section to the assigned driver.
Simply click on the blue "ACTIONS" button and select, "EDIT" from the Loads Page. Advance to the "Assign a Driver" Page and select the new driver that you want to assign to this load. The “receiving” Driver has to be free for the day(s) remaining in the Load, of course – a Driver can’t be hauling two loads at once.
Simply click on the blue "ACTIONS" button and select, "EDIT" from the Loads Page. Advance to the "Assign a Driver" Page and REMOVE the current Driver by clicking on his profile and "save the change." The Load will now show up as an unassigned Load in the "Unassigned Loads" tray at the bottom of your Load Calendar. You can assign another Driver when you are ready to do so.
The Carrier can simply" Edit" the Load Details and change the appropriate pick up or drop off date/s. Or the load will automatically move on the Load Calendar when the Driver updates their load status to the day they pick up or drop off.
Once your Driver picks up a Load, it changes from “Pending” to “Active”. At any time up until that point, you can freely Delete that Pending Load. However, once you’ve picked up the Load, charges are usually going to be incurred, even if the Shipper has your Driver turn right around and bring it back to the Loading Dock. Loads that have been Picked Up, and are “Active” need to be Canceled – not Deleted.
If you frequently use one or more Independent Owner-Operators, you can set them up as additional Drivers in your system, let them use the NCX Mobile App, assigning them work and tracking them as you would your normal Drivers. However, because they’re NOT actually your own Drivers, and may be doing work for someone else on any given day, you may want to put a prefix in their name (like “[Sub] John Smith”) to remind you that Driver is a Subcontractor, and that you need to check their actual availability before assigning them work in the system, as they will always appear as “available” in the NCX Load Calendar... even though they might not be.
Short answer, yes, but they will need to have a different e-mail address and NCX account for each Carrier they work for. Then, they would log out and back into the Mobile App with the correct account for the Carrier they are hauling for that day.
Yes, definitely. Just edit the Load Details, and the Driver will receive all of the changes when they refresh the Load Details on their Mobile Device.
Of course, and you have access to all of the same features in NCX that any size Carrier has. However, the NCX Platform is currently optimized to be used by Dispatchers and Company Drivers in a traditional Dispatcher/Fleet relationship. While you can wear both hats (so to speak), using a laptop or tablet in the role of a Dispatcher, and assign your Driver Account Loads, and then use the NCX Mobile App to track yourself, issue Tracking Numbers to clients, generate and e-mail Invoices, etc., it’s a bit awkward. You don’t really need the ability to manage, track and dispatch an entire fleet of trucks and drivers. To help better support Owner-Operators, we are planning to release an NCX Owner-Operator Mobile App which (among lots of other good things) will let you perform all of the core functions of NCX that you need directly from your Phone. The Owner-Operator App is expected to launch in late 2019.
The only thing Drivers need to do is keep the NCX App running on their phones, and keep the phone's charger plugged in, such as using the cigarette lighter.

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