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NCX is a free Fleet Management, Tracking,
Dispatch and Operations Platform
for small Carriers.

Using NCX you can dramatically cut down on Check Calls, free up hours of Dispatcher and Driver time, and even get free, Fully-Telematic ELDs to comply with the Federal Electronic Logging Device Mandate. Unlike many other ELDs on the market, NCX ELDs have NO MONTHLY COST. With no monthly cost, the bigger fleet you operate, the more money you save every month with NCX!


Eligibility: OTR For-Hire Fleet Operators up to 50 Power Units in Size (according to their FMCSA Records) are Eligible to receive Free ELDs under this program. Larger Carriers, who operate more than 50 Power Units, or other types of Carriers than OTR For-Hire Carriers can make full use of the NCX ELD Platform by purchasing ELDs, but are not eligible to be selected to receive refunds for some or all of their ELDs under this program.

How to Participate:

Step 1) Create a Free NCX Carrier Account
Step 2) Invite your Drivers to the NCX Fleet Management System
Step 3) Order your ELD units!

Using NCX (with or without the NCX ELD), you can Electronically Dispatch, Track and control your entire Fleet, for Free!

Begin using the system right away. The NCX System will measure your Usage of its free services and perform activity weighting for Free ELD awards. Highly active Fleets whose Dispatchers make constant, daily use of NCX's Fleet Management tools, with lots of loads hauled, lots of miles covered, etc., will have a greater chance allocated by the system for the purchase price of some (or even all) of their ELDs to be refunded than those who do not actively use the Fleet Management tools.

The more active you are as a user of the free NCX Fleet Management Platform, the higher your chances of winning a full refund on some (or even all) of your ELD Modules!

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