Simply add a load into NCX and Tracking numbers are automatically generated for your shippers and receivers. Now they know exactly where their cargo is -- No more Phone Calls!


Getting regular work from a Shipper to (or from) the same locations? Save your regular pickup or drop-off locations, their operating hours and all their details in your NCX Electronic Address Book. Now you can instantly assign them to Loads you create in the system, and all of their details are right there – no need to type them in again!


NCX generates professional-looking invoices that you can email to your customers, with the Proof-Of-Delivery attached! With NCX's free Account tools, you can keep track of your Invoices, stay organized and get paid faster, all at the touch of a button!



NCX gives Dispatchers the exact location and status of all their drivers and loads, at any moment, on a real time, global map! Dispatchers can SHARE that awareness with customers, by giving them free tracking numbers on their loads. Dispatchers and Customers can watch the trucks moving, live, moment by moment, as they head to their destinations.


Dispatchers can plan out all of their Drivers’ schedules and loads for days, weeks or even months on the free NCX Load Calendar. Assign loads to Drivers, change pickup and delivery dates & times with the click of a button, then watch the updates get instantly sent out to your Drivers!


NCX lets drivers instantly update their haul status, and provide confirmation for all deliveries. As the final step in the delivery process, Drivers use the built-in Document Scanner in the NCX Mobile App to capture scans of the Proof-of-Delivery, and they’re instantly sent to you in the system. Make your billing cycle shorter and save on paperwork!

ELD Giveaway!

If you are an OTR For-Hire Carrier with 1-50 Power Units, you may receive a full rebate on some or all of your NCX ELDs!



  • A computer with an internet connection and
  • Android or Apple smart phones for your drivers

No need to buy GPS or any tracking equipment. Use our software on our site for free. We are compatible with most browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Edge [Internet Explorer under Windows 10]) on Mac, PC and Linux computers.

There is no equipment to buy or software to install.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

If you need an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ELD Mandate, NCX has one of the very best deals on the market.

Not only is the unit itself inexpensive, NCX’s ELD has no recurring monthly cost. That’s right – the bigger a fleet you operate, the more money you save every month using NCX.

NCX provides one of the most powerful and reliable ELDs on the market today. Capable of independent, tethered or even fully telematic operation, NCX’s ELD tracks not just one satellite system but three at once using an amplified GNSS antenna to ensure maximum possible logging accuracy, even in areas where portions of the sky are obstructed, such as in cities, canyons or hills.

With NCX, Carrier Dispatchers are given a new level of awareness and control over their Fleet’s moment-by-moment activities.

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